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Author:  Quitch [ Sat Apr 17, 2004 5:57 am ]
Post subject:  8122-EME-Quitch(W)-Dimitrius(L)-9

Though I make an early mistake with guerilla choice, giving Dimitrius a gift of a territory, this works out quite nicely as he fails to support the guerillas taking out my guerilla and I win myself a Medium to his Low. Keeping my force mobile I am able to react quickly to a threat he makes in the SE, which, had I not had a bot on standby, would have been a real threat to my flank.

After this the game is all me. Having a force of mainly tanks for invasions, my opponent is forced to throw up LAV walls to stop me, rendering his tanks useless. A LAV\Mortar wall might have put a real dent in my forces, and maybe even turned the tide, but after the first few turns there really was no turning back for him and it's pretty one-sided with his forces being chewed up around the middle.

8122-EME-Quitch(W)-Dimitrius(L)-9.rep [30.17 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Sun May 02, 2004 1:16 pm ]
Post subject:  8271-Quitch(L)-Artanis(W)-19

This is a really close fought game on Antarcticus. Both of us make several minor tactical mistakes, but it is a decision on turn 12 that, IMO, costs me the game.

I find that my initial deployment is actually in the middle of Artanis's SAs, though I don't worry about this and proceed to attack, thinking to drive his slow forces out with my far more mobile force.

What actually happens is I spend more of the time in the centre fighting a holding action against attacks from all sides, with my SAs, rather than trying to win, playing for time.

In the NW I have more success, I am able to sweep both east and west, and with the help of another SA declaration, I drive Artanis out of a territory and quickly take his. I now plan to commit these forces to the central battle to save my SAs.

There is a possible mistake made around turn 7(?). I swing some forces into the central NEUTRAL medium to take the pressure off my central low SA. Problem is, I don't send enough and Artanis destroys my forces and is able to hold the territory for a turn. Had I held off however, he may have moved into my SA faster than I could have handled... I'm still unsure about this.

By turn 10 I'm in trouble both in the centre and south with Artanis breaching borders left, right and centre. Around turn 11 he takes on one of my SAs, but I'm still holding out, and with forces coming from the NW and NE to relieve my central SA (and thus surround another of Art's). This is where the game hands in the balance. If I take his SA, the chances are I'll drive him back, take the neutrals in the balance and win the game. Fail, and he'll take my low SA and smash my relief forces.

For reasons beyond my understanding, I now load half my NW army and place it around a neutral on the SW, trying to threaten the flank of Artanis. This is utterly stupid, as firstly there's not enough to really do much other than bash their heads against a LAV line, secondly I've lost my focus forgetting that it is his central SA that matters, nothing else.

On turn 13 we breach his SAs LAV line, having taken him unprepared since he has a slow force and it's currently invading MY SA (which is holding on by the skin of its teeth thanks to my NE force throwing reinforcement tanks in, while also fighting for control of a medium territory).

Turn 13 is where I well and truly lose. While I breach his line, there is a single LAV he moved in on turn 12 which I cannot kill. Had the other half of my army been present, I could have destroyed it, claimed indemnity AND placed more forces in my own SA for protection.

During his turn, Artanis destroys my remaining SA defences, claims indemnity, and wins the game. I have used my highly mobile force badly, putting it in place to create a front I should not even have been thinking about. Outmanoeuvred by a far slower force which was much more intelligently handled. It let me bash my head against it, and just brushed past.

This was a game that could easily have been mine, but Artanis shows his skill by keeping his focus while I lose mine. My congratulations to him.

The last few turns are simply my stubborn resistance as I realise that our territories are running dry and desperately take the central medium to win the reinforcements war.

8271-Quitch(L)-Artanis(W)-19.rep [78.71 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Fri May 07, 2004 7:41 pm ]
Post subject:  8481-NOB-Artanis(W)-Quitch(L)-13

This game is lost very quickly. After the first turn, Artanis reveals an SA behind my forces. I should have ignored these slow troops and pressed my attack into the neutral High, but I turn part of my invasion force around and try to defend the border. This turns out to be a big mistake as my attack on the High is no longer big nor mobile enough, while I don't have the forces to hold the other border.

This, and a indecisive behaviour on other continents leads to Artanis dominating this game.

8481-NOB-Artanis(W)-Quitch(L)-13.rep [64.96 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Mon May 10, 2004 3:31 pm ]
Post subject:  8480-NR-Quitch(W)-Artanis(L)-13

This is beach landings all the way!

I find myself with all but one of my territories on the SW continent. On the upside I'm fairly safe there, on the downside this leaves me only two territories I can take without having to use naval transports and risk arriving piece meal.

The early turns leave me in control of the SW, but Artanis holds most of the ground in the North and East. I launch beach assaults in the North and soon drive Artanis out of one of his own SAs, and back into a Medium neutral he was invading.

On the East front I land in a Low, only for Artanis to invade it from the East, so I swing my forces South into the High. The slow forces of Artanis trundle after me, but I take the High and win the game.

A vague description, but frankly the turns worth noting are the early ones where I believe Artanis lost the game. Firstly, he starts in the North with a LAV/Mortar invasion force, which I think was far too slow and led to him being unable to react to my Southern beach landings. Not only was he struggling to redeploy his forces, but he failed during his recruitment to try and cut off the coast of his SA. Had he done so the limited space available to me may well have doomed my landings early on.

In the East he makes the same mistake, but a bit later. When I land he declares a nearby SA, but deploys all LAVs and Mortars, despite being the other end of a territory from me. I promptly take advantage of this by ignoring them completely and using the lull to invade and conquer the High further south. Artanis can offer little resistance since the neighbouring SA is the one he just declared and he's slowly moving into the wrong territory.

For most of this game Artanis was actually getting more money than me, and rarely less. Still, he didn't spend it as effectively as he could have, and I think his love of LAV/Mortar combinations under the FNU cost him dear here at a time when mobility was the key. You need to shut down naval landings early on, something he failed to do. Once I had established beachheads, my easy control of the South-West did the rest.

8480-NR-Quitch(W)-Artanis(L)-13.rep [74.3 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Wed May 12, 2004 4:18 pm ]
Post subject:  16232-EME-Quitch(W)-Madmen(L)-4

Overkill, underkill, handing me neutral territories, poor guerilla choices... this is a four turn newbie game.

16232-EME-Quitch(W)-Madmen(L)-4.rep [16.87 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Thu May 13, 2004 2:25 pm ]
Post subject:  8273-NP-Quitch(W)-Rodehard(L)-16

Poor Rodehard, he spends almost all the game trying to take the Eastern High on the North continent, and never does take it... in fact by the end of the game he's on the way to losing it.

The lines are drawn up quickly in this game, with Rodehard holding the NW and myself in the SW. We both move to establish control over our continents, Rodehard pushing East, while I move both North and onto the other Southern continents.

Rodehard plays far too timid a game. He makes an invasion of the SW continent and a poor declaration there, and then fails to support either with any more troops, instead dallying around the shores of the North. This appears to be because most of his troops are pouring into the Eastern High on the Northen continent, a territory he is struggling to take, despite masses of troops. This is, in part, because I have two territories off the shore moving troops across. I take a Low which neighbours the High and spend the game here denying Rodehard the High and, more importantly, tying up the vast majority of his army. What mystifies me is that Rodehard amassed a force just one territory away from the flank of my Low, yet waits for quite some time before invading. With a flank assault coming my way, I would probably have lost the High before my troops, currently invading all the Southern countries unapposed, arrived.

I win the naval battle in the NE thanks to Rodehard splitting his forces in two and putting half of them too far forward and this opens up the NE for invasion. With landing craft already loaded and surrounding three territories in the NW I land, around the same time I make a new landing in the High Rodehard is still trying desperately to take, and my Southern troops being to arrive off the NE coast.

Having nothing outside the North, about to lose the NW, and with the NE about to be subject to a counter-attack from the South, Rodehard surrenders. There were many times when he could have made more of his position, but failed to.

8273-NP-Quitch(W)-Rodehard(L)-16.rep [119.41 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Sat May 22, 2004 7:28 am ]
Post subject:  8310-ANT-Quitch(W)-maelstrom(L)-11

This is classic tanks of PL Vs LAVs & Mortars of FNU small map stuff. We line up and go for it. I quickly come out on top and slowly, but surely, take control of the game.

This is a tricky one for spotting mistakes since I didn't make any stupid errors in this game, and maelstrom played quite well considering where he found himself. After staring at the game for some time I decided that when he declared his medium on the East coast, he should have pushed North instead of South. He ends up commiting all his forces into a corner where I am slowly surrounding him. Had he gone North, he'd have opened a new flank against me, and given my North to South force something to think about.

8310-ANT-Quitch(W)-maelstrom(L)-11.rep [48.92 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Sat May 22, 2004 7:31 am ]
Post subject:  15966-NP-Quitch(W)-mag(L)-10

A game which doesn't present too many difficulties. The highlight of this is watching my Medium, Low and guerilla neutral Low defeat the forces of his High and Low territories. This is aided by some reinforcements from the Medium island, and his failure to quickly erradicate the forces I invade his High with. Too many Rocket Launchers costs his dear as they prove easy prey once my army goes mobile.

15966-NP-Quitch(W)-mag(L)-10.rep [54.15 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Sat Jun 05, 2004 6:51 am ]
Post subject:  18043-ANU-Quitch(W)-Borealis(L)-4

Strange game. Though the war had only just begun, Borealis surrenders. I was invading, and probably going to take, a High. The fact he surrendered guess I can take it as a given that it wasn't his SA. Still, a premature surrender in my view.

Since it's such a short game, there's not much to say. Borealis should probably have focused his two adjecent SAs on the same territory rather than deploying at opposite ends of each.

18043-ANU-Quitch(W)-Borealis(L)-4.rep [11.94 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Thu Jun 10, 2004 4:40 pm ]
Post subject:  9989-EME-Quitch(L)-KarenRulesYou!(W)-14

Oh deary me. I had what Karen would call a "blonde moment". In the South West I found the territory I was invading from my Medium was one of hers, as well as the adjoining territory. Not a problem, I occupied it for the game and came very close to taking it off her, but made a stupid mistake with my Annihilator.

In the East I made a silly declaration that I should have realised would never work and handed her a territory.

However, despite this, I should have won. In the North I quickly took the NW Medium and found that Karen was stuck with the NE (I hate that one). It should have been easy to contain her, then sweep either South or East. However, in an attempt to out-flank her invading troops, I moved into the central Low. A perfectly sensible move, but I left my capital empty, and Karen had just enough troops to wipe out mine AND move a guerilla transport into the capital! What a stupid thing to fall for, but congratulations to Karen for spotting my mistake.

I push really hard to gain my territory back and come close, but never close enough. Had it not been for this, I believe I would have won. Just look at the number of troops I manage to counter-attack with, even a territory down. Sweeping into the flank of her other countries wouldn't have been a problem, but no, I hand her the game on a silver plate :)

9989-EME-Quitch(L)-KarenRulesYou!(W)-14.rep [51.75 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Mon Jun 14, 2004 4:37 pm ]
Post subject:  16176-ANT-Quitch(W)-GreySkull(L)-8

A couple of early mistakes take GreySkull straight out of the game. He deploys two adjacent SAs, but when he finds one in trouble at the end of my first turn, he doesn't bring his forces South to help, instead he continues his planned invasion, but does at least declare an SA behind my attack, however his main territory is now under sustained attack.

His second mistake is when he attacks from behind me. Rather than bringing all three of his tanks into my territory, he only uses two. This allows me to immediately regain control of the territory, rather than losing a turns revenue.

Doing both these things may have given him a chance, but he makes other little mistakes (turret in middle of open city for one) which lose him this game.

16176-ANT-Quitch(W)-GreySkull(L)-8.rep [28.79 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Wed Jun 16, 2004 1:54 am ]
Post subject:  3997-ANT-Quitch(W)-lola(L)-12

It is my view that the most fascinating replay anyone can post is their game against lola. At the time I started playing, she was the only MENTOR player, and replays against her show a players progression from their first days of the game to the present... I actually had a 45 day wait between a couple of turns in this replay.

This is a great example of transports. I get myself into a bit of a mess in the centre, finding myself facing off against two of lola's LOW SAs. Transports get me back into the game, allowing me to repaidly redeploy forces. The first few turns of this game are a fighting retreat through my own SA, however I soon start to get some real defensive lines up and by the end of the game the tide is turning here in my favour.

There are two other war zones. A minor fight in the right hand MEDIUM and a more important war on the left which I suspect led to lola's surrender. She invades the Western low from her own, and I then reveal that I also own an adjacent low. Driving her out of the neutral, I then push her back until her SA is mine. With only a neutral MEDIUM between her territories and my flanking army, and with her central forces slowly losing the war, she surrenders.

3997-ANT-Quitch(W)-lola(L)-12.rep [41.55 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Wed Jun 23, 2004 1:57 am ]
Post subject:  24279-NP-Quitch(W)-Mrakobes(L)-13

mrakobes wanted a quick game, and after some thought I decided to give him one. The sides were allocated randomly, and then we began. The first 10 turns take place over a two hour period, with the last two being played 24 hours apart.

We both have a bit of a kick in the teeth to start. mrakobes finds his initial position is right next to mine, while I find I don't have any ajoining territories, forcing me to take an aggressive stance.

We find my High and Low facing his Medium and Low on the NE side. A series of disclosures happen around here to try and turn the tide. At first, I drive hard into his Low territory, and taking that would have likely won me the war on this front, but my tactical play wasn't as tight as it could have been, and mrakobes keeps a steady flow of troops coming to stop it from falling. Eventually, the tide turns, my Low falls and a defence of his Low and my High begins.

It is on the Western side the war is won. I begin an attack on a series of neutrals. While most of mrakobes forces are employed in the NE, I use more in the West and soon own the High. Finally, the Medium middle island, the gateway to the North end of my NE High, is taken from the forces of mrakobes and is mine. His surrender follows as I can now send troops back into my High, preventing its fall. His Western troops are now isolated, and while the game could continue for some time, his loss is almost inevitable.

Both sides make a series of slight errors (e.g. mrakobes deploys the neutral High guerillas in a corner, rather than at the end of my Low which he is attacking from another direction) which stack up slightly higher on the side of mrakobes and cost him the game. This is one that could have gone either way for quite some time. It's certainly a good fight to watch, very close.

24279-NP-Quitch(W)-Mrakobes(L)-13.rep [67.11 KiB]
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Author:  Mrakobes [ Thu Jun 24, 2004 3:51 pm ]
Post subject: 

Quitch mentioned a bunch of minor errors but not described 3 main factors
1) overally his position was better so his was able to capture more neutrals
2) i allowed him to invade my main and prevent me from getting revenue
because i not covered the border of his newly opened ally
i cared to much about losing my low across the channel so i sent there more tanks (though i could do without them AND it would be better to lose 8 indemnity from low than lose 7 of 4$ revenues from main)
3) i sent troops from island to his main (where they were not so needed) instead of getting some fleet and preventing invasion
actually losing island i lose any chances to win so i surrendered.

Author:  Quitch [ Fri Jun 25, 2004 5:59 am ]
Post subject: 

I would describe your errors as being:

1. You made no attempt to clean your main of my units, something I found odd considering that they were all on the coastline by your transports. I think after getting my Low you should have made more of an attempt on the Low which joined your High than trying to free your own territory. My territory was tying up a major resource of yours.

2. You sent too many bots into your Low that you were trying to liberate by my High. You lost four bots in there, which was an unecessary loss of money, especially from the Medium territory where they emerged with no cover, and the extra range was not required.

3. You invaded my low on the west side with LAVs and Mortars. A more rapid force might have been able to mince my LAVs before my invasion of the High and your Medum succeeded. At the least it would have meant I needed to pull some troops out of your Medium. Not only that, but you could have blown a hole for your troops to occupy the High as well meaning that killing the tower wasn't enough.

4. You placed your High guerillas in that corner rather than supporting your invasion with them, something which I did against Tiger once and it cost me a game.

I'm not so sure my ally position was better. Yes, I had more neutrals open on the west side, but only slightly. When we'd revealed all, my Low and High on the North continent were doomed, and that would have shortly been followed by my Low in the SE.

IMO you lost the game because you committed most of yours troops to taking back your Low in the NE. These troops should have been redeployed to taking away my High faster than they were. Too many bots wandered into the battle unprotected, and this money would have been better eliminating the last of my units in the High. As it was, you dropped off tanks and amphibians within range of my Smallfoot and Mortar combo and they just died without doing much. With the High on your side my flank would have fallen and the West would have proven to be a mere sideshow.

Author:  Quitch [ Thu Jul 01, 2004 6:20 am ]
Post subject:  15969-ANU-Quitch(L)-Wanderer(W)-16

A poor game for me. I lack any kind of coherent strategy, each sector keeps pretty much to itself and never really works together with any other. Late in the game I get my act together, and even though Wanderer's victory is inevitable and manage to delay it for turn after turn after turn, even taking several territories when the game was beyond hope.

Once I got up to speed I outplayed Wanderer and I really should have won, but once again I let myself down and lost another game.

15969-ANU-Quitch(L)-Wanderer(W)-16.rep [88.89 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Thu Jul 01, 2004 6:28 am ]
Post subject:  16734-NR-JFA(L)-Quitch(W)-10

Here is an example of coherent strategy. I find myself spread across the continents, weakest in the East. I start things up by declaring my High and starting a process of taking over the SW.

JFA declares his High in the North and moves to the South of the continent. I have two territories in the North, a Medium on the other side from his High and a Low next his High. Declaring the Low would be suicide, so I instead decide to spring a surprise. Using the Medium I invade the neighbouring Low at the North end of the continent, JFA meanwhile continues to attack the Medium on the other side. As soon as the Low is mine I declare the Low next to JFA's High. He immediately brings his troops back (having just taken the Medium) and starts to form a wall which I batter down again and again. Despite having less resources in the area, I manage to summon more troops and absorb the casulties inflicted on me with ease while wiping out his units each turn. In the end, I tie up both his North continent territories, and several in the East, even declaring a Low territory at the North end of the Eastern continent. He owns it and I cannot take it back, but this helps reduce the flow of reinforcements he can receive.

Meanwhile the West has fallen to me, the neutral High he invades in the East is still contested when I begin landing troops, and a large numbers of troops wait at the North end of the SW continent, ready to outflank JFA's Northen troops and finally finish his main force.

At this point JFA surrenders.

16734-NR-JFA(L)-Quitch(W)-10.rep [49.14 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Thu Jul 08, 2004 3:35 am ]
Post subject:  13302-ANT-ulgeta(L)-Quitch(W)-15

A fine example of the FNU coming out on top on Antarcticus in the Little Clan War (Forces of Redemption giving Guardians of Tradition what for), and quite a fun replay to watch to boot.

No detailed analysis for this one, just watch and enjoy.

13302-ANT-ulgeta(L)-Quitch(W)-15.rep [59.22 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Thu Jul 08, 2004 11:10 am ]
Post subject:  25119-EME-Quitch(W)-red.eyes(L)-4

red.eyes quickly finds his initial disclosures have cost him this battle and surrenders. IMO, he made a silly mistake by declaring two at either end of the battlefield, had he declared the two adjacent territories he had, he would have been able to invade the medium off the flank of one of mine, while fighting a holding action with the other territory.

25119-EME-Quitch(W)-red.eyes(L)-4.rep [9.44 KiB]
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Author:  Quitch [ Sat Jul 17, 2004 3:13 am ]
Post subject:  25606-NR-Three Seven(L)-Quitch(W)-4

I think Three Seven surrenders too quickly. He finds me readying naval invasions off his coast, landing on shores that have no defence ready, but the real fight was going to be over the Western High.

25606-NR-Three Seven(L)-Quitch(W)-4.rep [11.92 KiB]
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