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14-day Forced Defeat
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Author:  Vic [ Fri Jan 09, 2004 1:17 pm ]
Post subject:  14-day Forced Defeat

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Considering the fact that some of the players tend not to respond/surrender in those battles where they are obviously losing or dragging the time for some other reasons, we are going to introduce a “14-day Forced Defeat” feature: a player, who has not made his/her turn after 14 days after his/her opponent's turn, will automatically lose the game, without getting any additional score points, while the winner will receive the score points as usual.

This Rule becomes effective Tuesday 13 January 12 a.m. GMT. Starting from this date and time, all the games, which have turns unanswered for 14 days, will be automatically finished.

Thus the players are advised to check if they have any of such unanswered turns and make their turns or surrender, giving the opponent the deserved victory in a civilized manner.

We believe that this will lead to healthier online community and with more respect towards the fellow-gamers.

Note: In case of a VERY SPECIAL necessity to let someone answer the turn later than 14 days, the player, who is waiting for the turn, should email to and write the reasons for the delay. (It's the business of both players to communicate with each other and agree on that). Team

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