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 Post subject: New rule for Andromeda war: Alliances
PostPosted: Mon Jan 17, 2005 8:21 am 
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We will allow clans to form alliances starting immediately. To facilitate this we will create a new phase for the war: Diplomacy. This is the phase where alliances are formed and broken, money and systems transfered. The diplomacy phase will begin when orders are processed (Thursday), and will be continued until the war is updated (Early Monday). All dimplomatic relations must be done during this period, or they will wait until the next week.

For this period only, to allow this phase to be used immediately, we will extend the diplomacy phase to Wednesday, and then require orders to be in by Friday.

Here are the rules for diplomacy:

Alliance Special Rules

1) Clans involved in an alliance will be able to move armies through each others systems freely. However, garrisons will not be able to move across allied systems.

2) When an alliance is defending the attackers fight the 2+ clans seperately (IE, battle order rules for assigning battles will be allocated seperately) but the alliance count as the same team when deciding least turn rule for destroying armies.

3) If more than 1 clan attacks a system along with an ally then combat works as the current rules for multiple clans except..

3a) The clans count as being on the same side for purposes of least turns rule for destroying armies.

3b) The clans do not fight eachother once all defenders are dead.

3c) The system new owner is the clan with the most armies.

Making an Alliance

1) To make an alliance, both clans involved needs to email indicating they are forming an alliance during the diplomacy phase.

2) Alliances are of major importantance and as such the media quickly finds out about them so they are made public in the weekly summary.

3) Note that you cannot do any system transfers or monentary transfers until after the alliance is established... thus you can't make an alliance and transfer funds in the same diplomacy phase.

Breaking an Alliance

1) During the diplomacy phase, either clan can declare that they are ending the alliance. This will be made known to everyone in the weekly summary, but will not take affect until after that turn. That way the victim of the alliance break will have a chance to move/build units to respond.

Transferring Funds

1) During the diplomacy phase, funds can be transferred between alliance members. Note that because the diplomacy phase comes before the money is allocated, you can't transfer funds that you will recieve for that turn. Transferring funds will require a little planning ahead.

Transferring Systems

1) Alliance members can give or trade systems within the alliance. To do so, you declare your intentions on which systems you will give to what allied clan during the diplomacy phase. Forts are transfered with the system

2) Transfered systems will be shown on the map at the weekly update. Note that there could be garrisons in another clan's systems at this point (if a system that had garrisons was transfered to an allied clan). During the following movement phase, those garrisons MUST move to an adjacent uncontested system belonging to their clan. Any garrisons that cannot or do not move will be destroyed immediately when orders are processed. They won't engage in any new defense, etc.

3) Using this method, two clans can trade adjacent systems. During diplomacy phase, they each indicate which system they are giving to their ally. Then during move phase they can each move garrisons to their new systems. In this manner a system and its garrisons can be directly swapped for another system and its garrisons.

4) Income from these transferred systems will go to the new clan at the end of the diplomacy phase when the war is updated.

Founder of The New World Order, and moderator for the Andromeda Clan War.

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