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Update on development progress5 May 2006

It has been a while since last patch release, so let us get you some information on what we're doing with MAN2 project at the moment:
  • Clan Wars development: already over 1 month of intensive programming and yet lots of thing to be done there. We're planning to post several official press releases on this brand new M.A.N. 2 feature to explain how the system will work and what is so interesting to be offered in Clan Wars.

  • Next patch: it will follow some of the latest suggestions and constructive ideas from beta testers.

  • F.A.Q. on M.A.N. 2 website: it will answer the most common questions on game that new players tend to address our support team.

  • And finally Strategy Guide: extremely useful for all players aiming to get on the top of ranking ladder and greatly improve their skills (thanks to Tiger and other strong players).

Thank you for staying with us and helping to get Massive Assault Network series more addictive!

P.S. Those, who missed initial beta version, can download the latest already patched build at:

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