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"King of M.A.N. 2 Hill 2008" - WAR OF WITS ON BEOTORUM28 August 2008

Severe battles on Lionís Eye are left behind. The enemy is annihilated and the planet is under your total control.

Now itís time to wipe out another world. Beotorum is hosting next roundís hard-edged encounters. Explore its vast landscapes in pursuit of fame and glory. Donít let the rivals steal a march on you.

All of the players, who are yet not in the contest, are welcomed to register here.

Remember, that ONLY players with The Lifetime Subscription can sign up.

For more information on the Massive Assault Network 2 Tourney, read up the rules of the competition here.

Have fun playing "King of M.A.N. 2 Hill 2008" Tourney!!!

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