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Massive Assault Series Land on Steam4 November 2009, the strategy game specialist, today announces the launch of its legendary Massive Assault series on Steam. Massive Assault, Massive Assault: Phantom Renaissance and Massive Assault Network 2 are now available on Steam giving its users the unique chance to fight for global domination in one-of-a-kind sci-fi environment.

Massive Assault series represent 3D wargames for PC based on original Secret Allies concept where two rival sides struggle for leadership and survival in the 22nd century hostile surroundings. Since the release of the Massive Assault series’ first game in 2003, the game and its sequels have been loved by game critics and millions of gamers all over the world. Described by the leading game industry titles as innovative and handsomest hex game ever, Massive Assault rejuvenated the turn-based strategy genre. The dedicated community, multiple awards and M.A.N. 2 regular global tournaments held among hundreds of players from all corners of the world make a great contribution to ongoing success.

Massive Assault unique concept, fascinating story line, revolutionary dynamic turn-based gameplay and state-of-the art interface make millions of gamers stay obsessed with the series trough all these years.

Viktor Kisly, executive officer of says, “We propose totally new war-for-global-domination gaming concept where players are supposed to employ strategic, political and tactical skills in their pure meaning”.

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