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Massive Assault Network 2 Update Released 1 March 2010 announces the release of a new Massive Assault Network 2 update featuring two new maps – Aurora and Demoland (available for demo-players) - and several gameplay tweaks and fixes.

Aurora. With its polar glows, you could endlessly keep admiring the ever snowy Aurora. But you’ll hardly find a spare minute to do that. Miles of vast flatlands encourage you to prepare for massive assaults by your opponents and at the same time help you fully employ your tactical abilities. A huge harbor in the center of the continent will let you engage in epic naval battles, and on this planet, gaining control over the water zone is no less important than terrestrial domination

Demoland. Have you ever fancied spending a week or two on peaceful islands located somewhere in the middle of nowhere? Bask in the sun on sandy beaches or take afternoon nap in shady lagoons?  Then DemoLand is the ultimate choice for you… However, you won’t find peace there as the planet is torn by ruthless conflict between the League and the Union. Never-ending battles for superiority take place both on land and sea meaning the perfect balance of naval and land forces becomes the key to success.

Bugs fixed:

- crash while changing profile

Improvements added:

    - new “MA-style” unit set

    - possibility to have battles against bots with extended set

    - possibility to have battles against bots till the complete win

    - possibility to skip bot’s turns

Both full and demo versions should be patched!!!

Download 2.0.270 patch for Russian version here:
Download 2.0.270 patch for English version here:
Download M.A.N. 2 full version here:

Download M.A.N. 2 demo version here: 

*** Steam copies of M.A.N. 2 will be updated automatically.

Have fun playing Massive Assault Network 2!!!


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