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Test if you are smart enough!25 November 2005 is now accepting applications for the upcoming Massive Assault Network 2 beta test.

In beta-version players will be able to play on 4 beautiful planets (out of 24 in release version). Candidates are accepted until November 30th, the beginning of the beta test. Beta testers can sign up at: (all countries are eligible).

Massive Assault Network 2 is tailored to get players immersed in instant online play action: game can be started with a single mouse click now and AI opponents make sure player always has someone to fight with. Being offered as "game for smart strategic players" Massive Assault Network 2 will not let casual gamers down: friendly online AI opponents (presented as nice female tutors) are ready to get any newbie some good training which certainly serve as a good experience for fighting other live players.

Massive Assault Network 2 key features are:

  • Innovative "Online Play Mode"
  • Streamlined Turn-Based Gameplay
  • State-of-the-Art online AI opponents
  • Automated mini Clan War system
  • 24 beautiful planets to play on

Press Contact:

Nick Katselapov

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