"World Cup 2011"

  1. Individual tournament: every player participates on his/her behalf only.
  2. Bonus: demo-players will receive subscription for the time of tournament.
  3. Rules. In the first round of the tournament participants are divided into groups of maximum 5 players according to the results of the draw. All matches within each group are played on the round robin basis. Group winners and best runners-up qualify for the next stage thus making the 32 participants of the main round. Every next round is played on the cup system with part of the competitors being eliminated after each of them - 1/16, 1/8 etc. To qualify for the next round one must defeat his/her opponent in a one-on-one match. Every match consists of two games that are sent and played simultaneously. Places within the 1st round groups and winners in the following rounds are decided according to these criteria :
    Points earned: 2 points are given for a win, 1 for a draw.
    Turn difference: total number of turns in lost games minus total number of turns in won games.
    Minor Gliko-rating.
    *20 players with the highest Glicko rating (as of the time of registration closure) will qualify for the next stage without playing group matches.
    In case of early qualification of the participants for the next round, the match between them starts, regardless of the running stage of the whole tournament.
  4. Application. The tournament is open to everyone, but every player is restricted to one profile. Players who have applied with 2 or more profiles will be forced to use the one with higher Glicko-rating or will be eliminated from the competition.
  5. Drawing. Players are randomly divided into groups. After the first round participants take their places in the tournament net according to their group and the place they take in it. The places of 8 top players with the highest Glicko-rating are decided beforehand by the “seeding” procedure according to their rating.
  6. Games. All tournament battles are created as rating games, with normal allies density, unlimited in-game time, 10 turns of revenue and extended unit set. Each round will last for 10 days and 18 hours of chess-clock time. The semi- and final rounds will last for 2 weeks and 18 hours of chess-clock time. Every participant plays equal number of battles for F.N.U. and P.L.
  7. Maps. The tournament is held on the following maps.

    • preliminary - Treasure Island 
    • 1 group round - Crateus  
    • 2 group round - Anubis 
    • 3 group round -  Sea Switzerland
    • 1/2 – Inferno 
    • Finals - Trinity 
  8. Awards. The winner of the tournament gets a «lifetime» title and virtual «World Cup-2011» medal as well as a special winner certificate sent by mail. All players that qualify for 1/8 will get a month M.A.N. 2 subscription that could be passed to friends.
  9. Fair-play. The organizers ask all the participants to comply with the principles of fair play - not to create double nicknames, pass game profiles to other players or counsel friends and players in the chat. We remind you that the organizers will become aware of these situations and reserve the right to withdraw violators from the tournament.
  10. Tournament moderators. Jedi_Knight and Le_Roy. For any further information on the tournament, contact them at:

If you have questions contact tournament moderators.

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